Turn-arounds are the most challenging of all business situations.

Something has gone terribly wrong and the company is in a crisis from which it might not survive. Which also may mean customers may be abandoned, vendors left unpaid, employees laid off and a company with a bright future may completely disappear. Quick action from an experienced team or support for the current team from an advisor with such experience is needed to stem the blood loss (cash flow), protect the remaining strengths and value the company retains, assure customers, and rally employees to “right the ship”. Difficult decisions are needed and needed quickly. BDA has the experience and sense of urgency to help company leadership and the Board of Directors navigate through this time. At this time, we bring these skills:

  • Critical Resource Identification
  • Cash Flow Protection
  • Strategic Alternative Analysis & Planning
  • Critical Decision Execution and Company Right-Sizing
  • Team Re-alignment/human resources
  • Project / Crisis Management