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Corporate Development

For businesses of all stages, facilitate/support Strategic Planning, Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Alliances, Licensing In and Out, Exit-Planning, Corporate Venturing & Venture Investing, Intrapreneurship, Management of Subject-Matter Advisors…
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Provides leaderships teams under stress with education, team development, and leadership team facilitation. Utilizing tools as simple as E.O.S to as complex as those practiced at global consulting firms, but hands-on and more cost effectively…
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Business Creation

For physicians, engineers, inventors, 1st time teams, and public companies without the available team or time, we create the story that provides the foundation for the business: the plan, budget/forecast, investor pitch deck, executive summary, preparation for fundraising, organizational design…
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Critical Resource Identification, Cash Flow Protection,
Strategic Alternative Analysis & Planning, Critical Decision Execution and Company Right-Sizing, Team Re-alignment,
Crisis Management…
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Business Development Advisors, Inc. (BDA) was created in 1996 to provide the extensive range of Corporate Development capabilities found in America’s best Fortune 1000 companies, but generally unavailable or unaffordable for early-stage or emerging, privately-held businesses, or divisions of large public companies.


Case Studies

Examples of Strategic Alliances, Startups, Acquisitions, Turnarounds, IP licensing, Coaching and other scenarios where we helped businesses succeed.


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