Coaching: Management/Leadership Team/Board

It’s all about the management, leadership, people! – Nothing could be more true.

But every team has its issues, conflicts, communication challenges, limitations, and needs. A management coach with rich operational, functional and strategic experience brings an outside perspective to the team that allows the members to look at themselves with fresh eyes and has stories based upon that experience that speeds improvement.

Each “family” falls into patterns of behavior or acceptance of the way things are that get in the way of achieving desired goals, extraordinary performance and a balanced life rather than moving from crisis to crisis.

BDA brings a breadth of experience to your company’s situation to facilitate the team’s interaction, guide development of good process and management tools, and coach through urgent/time sensitive issues.

BDA has a wide range of tools to help the leadership team develop good process which will allow to team to achieve its objectives, hold each other accountable, prioritize tasks and resource allocation in support of achieving goals in a timely manner and allow management time to plan for the future and not move from crisis to crisis or opportunistic event to event.

BDA brings over 30 years of strategic planning that results in specific actions that help your team lead your business.

Assess Health of the Team and Tools to Improve ….

  • Leadership Team Structure & Management Process
  • Leadership Team Management & Accountability Tools
  • Team Health Assessment
  • Board of Directors Development & Evolution
  • Team Conflict Resolution
  • Integration of Strategy, Tactics and Day-to-Day Accountability
  • Training in the use of Tools such as “E.O.S.”, Rockefeller Rules, “Gazelles”, “Execution” Philosophies

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