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Case Study: Turnaround

Problem & Constraints

  • Board Concerned but unclear on issues/responsibility
  • Financing arranged for acquisitions not completed
  • Volatile sales and cash flow
  • IP protection unclear
  • “Something may not smell right”
  • Founder/CEO owns >51%


  • Conduct investigatory review of operations
  • Recommend actions for Board
  • Prepare to assist Board & management in implementing recommendations

Engagement Actions

  • Provide grounding for management team in E.O.S. as initial tool-set to manage & lead company
  • Provide specific coaching in team development and holding leadership team accountable
  • Provide introductions/Recruit 2 new team members and assist on-boarding
  • Facilitate weekly staff meetings; adjust team members/ family member behavior
  • Develop an exit plan for founder


  • Armed Board with issues fully identified and specific inquiries for information at the next Board meeting
  • Identified inadequate accounting, use of funds, employee practices
  • Replaced CEO to manage Turnaround

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