Our Range of Services

Our Range of Services2018-11-01T20:37:27+00:00

We Help Our Clients Start, Expand, Scale, and when necessary Turnaround

Our services all start with Corporate Development and have expanded to support our client’s needs based upon what has been necessary for business creation, expansion, and turnarounds. While the list is long, the skills are overlapping and self-reinforcing for building successful businesses.

Our customers typically find, regardless of whether they are brand-new start-ups, established businesses having growing pains, mature businesses expanding through acquisition, or companies preparing to be acquired, that the skill-sets needed for all these activities are not typically in-house.

Corporate Development

Strategic Planning (Including Team Coaching on strategic planning)
Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
Licensing In and Out
Exit-Planning for closely held companies and family businesses
Corporate Venturing & Venture Capital
Management of Acquirors, Transaction Attorneys, Advisors
Project Management

Management/Leadership Team/Board Coaching

Leadership Team Structure & Management Process
Team Health Assessment
Board of Directors Development & Evolution
Leadership Team Management & Accountability Tools
Team Conflict Resolution
Training in the use of Tools such as “E.O.S.”, Rockefeller Rules, “Gazelles”, “Execution” Philosophies

Business Creation: Startups & Emerging Businesses

Business Model Creation
Business Plan, Budget/Forecast, Executive Summary
Business / Organizational Structure & Design
Incentive Compensation Programs
Preparation for Fundraising & Due Diligence
Investor Presentation & Documents
Structuring Rounds of Investment [Terms & Conditions, and Valuation] Management Team Recruitment
Board Structure Recruitment and Development


Critical Resource Identification
Cash Flow Protection
Strategic Alternative Analysis & Planning
Critical Decision Execution and Company Right-Sizing
Team Re-alignment/human resources
Project / Crisis Management

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