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Case Study: Coach CEOs, Boards

Problem & Constraints

  • Founder (CEO father) has sons working in his 20 year-old business
  • Conflict between family members is impeding company growth and achieving goals
  • High turnover of non-family leadership future disrupts company
  • Revenue grow has reduced to zero and rate drifting negative.
  • Company moves in and out of profitability, positive cash flow, and use of expensive debt.


  • Provide strategic and management training for leadership team
  • Assist team with addressing manufacturing tactical issues: build-up of W.I.P. and A/R and obsolete inventory
  • Assist management identify new leadership
  • Coach CEO/Founder and family members on effective leadership and management tools

Engagement Actions

  • Provide grounding for management team in E.O.S. as initial tool-set to manage & lead company
  • Provide specific coaching in team development and holding leadership team accountable
  • Provide introductions/Recruit new team members and assist on-boarding
  • Facilitate weekly staff meetings; adjust team members/ family member behavior
  • Introduce other management tools over time and elevate strategic planning capabilities in-house


  • WIP cleared in 6 weeks
  • Double digit revenue growth restored
  • Cash flow improves dramatically and revolver loan is paid off
  • Team improved cohesiveness and forthrightly addressing issues, holding each other accountable
  • Hitting company goals, improving competitiveness
  • Supplemental individual coaching and education for family members enacted.

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