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Case Study: Strategic Alliance

Problem & Constraints

  • Board of Directors determined that a classic financing would not allow the company to progress as effectively as a strategic alliance
  • Management was fully engaged with executing the Board-approved operating plan
  • Management desired/required to remain involved but has neither the experience nor bandwidth to address without assistance


  • Fully Create and Confirm the desirability of Alliance Strategy
  • Develop the plan, documents, process, key terms for strawman deal and walkaway points
  • Develop negotiation methodology, process
  • Manage third parties keeping CEO/management & Board involved and comfortable with process, positions, and progress

Engagement Actions

  • Developed plans, documents, presentations, processes
  • Gained management & Board support
  • Executed plan with management support and participation
  • Worked through trade-off scenarios to arrive at acceptable deal above walkaways


  • Successful close, alliance of benefit to both sides including investment capital, access to new resources (channels and technology)
  • Some terms adjusted and working relationship blossomed and resources more fully leveraged

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