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Case Study: New Start-Up

Problem & Constraints

  • Brilliant inexperienced Inventor
  • Current plan poor; yet valuable technology
  • Board unsuccessful guiding him through business issues
  • CEO needed/Inventor nervous and insecure about losing control of “his” technology
  • Technology resides in “Inventor’s head” not well-documented


  • Take company lead as acting-CEO
  • Develop new plan, fundraising documents, flesh-out team
  • Institutionalize Inventor’s knowledge; further develop R&D/NPD capabilities
  • Build cohesive team in general
  • Hit company developmental milestones

Engagement Actions

  • Inventor became CTO; CEO became his mentor
  • Developed new business model/plan
  • Created new IP strategy; recruiting strategies
  • Built Research & Product Development teams to support Inventor
  • Raise venture equity to carry through plan milestones


  • Raised needed (per business plan) levels of equity
  • Built team to plan requirements
  • Institutionalized Inventor knowledge – who re-focused on development
  • Developed 23 new patents
  • Hit all milestones during plan (and extensions of plan) period

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