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Case Study: Acquisition

Problem & Constraints

  • Company held significant share in market and was now growing at market rate
  • CEO-led deals were failing at the Board level
  • Management team / CEO had neither the skills nor the band-width to create and manage the acquisition process and necessary advisors (attorneys, tax, accounting, market specific consultants)
  • Valuation of the company was degrading based upon growing perception that the company would not expand beyond initial market, product, technology


  • Create M&A Diversification Process [target identification, process, minimum value, key terms, negotiation methodology & strategies, thresholds thru to integration process]
  • Gain buy-in from management team then Board of Directors
  • Manage third party advisors and below C-level of management team keeping CEO/management & Board involved and comfortable with process, positions, and process

Engagement Actions

  • Developed plans, documents, presentations, processes
  • Gained management & Board support
  • Executed plan with management support and participation
  • Worked through trade-off scenarios to arrive at acceptable deal above walkaways


  • Acquired a series of companies which became 2nd platform for company
  • Valuation of business increased by nearly 4x with this successful execution.
  • Now established process and educated (and expanded team) added subsequent platforms

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